Sun-A International Academy
From the Chair
Welcoming you to Sun-A International Academy
The beautiful blue sphere that astronauts see from out in space is our Earth--home field of the human race. There live here many more than a hundred nations of people who practice a variety of religions, traditions, and customs.

For you young people who will build the 21st century a major issue is how to protect the future of our earth by assuring that humankind live together in peace and mutual prosperity.

There will be repeated calls for us to respect our fellow humans, regardless of racial, religious or national distinctions, and to understand each other and live in friendship.

History teaches us that this is no easy task. However, if enough of the young people of the 21st century push forward with this spirit of good will in their hearts, true international exchange, mutual understanding, and cooperative relations can surely be achieved.

Mrs.Kuniko OE,chair
From the Principal
Mrs.Taeko Seki, president
Sun-A International Academy is situated in a working-class area of Tokyo and was established with grassroots level international exchange as its primary educational principle.

It is an environment in which, after classes are over, one can engage in conversation with all sorts of people, men and women,young and old, and feel the warmth of the Japanese heart. This is valuable experience that is not available to someone studying in a lonely room amid the high-rise buildings of central Tokyo.

Rest assured that our veteran staff of skilled teachers of the Japanese language will provide comprehensive preparation to enable you to pass the entrance examinations of elite universities and technical schools.

It is our heartfelt desire that young people, the world leaders of the future, will come here to the heartland of Japan from around the world to study Japanese as it is spoken,experience Japanese culture as it is lived, at Sun-A International Academy.We look forward to the day when we shall meet you.

Mrs.Taeko SEKI,principal
Mrs.Taeko Seki, president
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