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Pre-college Visa

The Immigration Bureau under the Ministry of Justice of Japan requires each person who comes to Japan to study to hold a valid visa.  If you are not a Japanese citizen or Japanese permanent resident and you wish to study in Japan, you will be required to obtain a visa that permits study, for example a pre-college visa. Pre-college visa is only available for full-time study in programs offered on campus in such Japanese Language schools as licence-approved by "Association for Promotion of Japanese Language Education". 
If you hold a tourist or working holiday visa, you may choose to study on a part time basis.

Pre-college student visa application procedures, requirements and processing times vary depending on your nationality. It is recommended that you contact the consulate-General or embassy closest to you.

Please note that you can only complete a maximum of 12 weeks study if you hold a tourist visa, or a maximum of four months study if you hold a working holiday visa.  Working holiday visas are only available to citizens of selected countries. 
For more information visit the "Immigration Bureau of Japan" website

*International students are those who are not Japanese citizens or Japanese permanent residents and who intend to study under a pre-college visa or temporary entry permit.

*With the increasing number of overstaying foreigners to work illegally and even to engage in criminal activities, the Justice Ministry's Immigration Bureau of Japan has ordered in November,2003 that stricter screening procedures be used for those applying for pre-college student visas from countries with the highest number of visa overstayers ;CHINA,MYANMA,BANGLADES and MONGOLIA.

Visa type: Pre-College Visa
Duration: 1 year or 6 months
Explanation of activities permitted: Must be enrolled in a Japanese language school, advanced or general curriculum course of a vocational school, other specialty schools or a high school.
Documents necessary
in obtaining this visa:
For a Japanese language school,
For self supporting students,
For students receiving funds from their home country,
For students receiving funds from a source inside Japan (guarantor),
School Policy

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