2009 School Events

mon day public holiday traditional events school events
Jan 1 new year's day winter vacation
12 coming-of-age-day
Feb 11 national founding day Japanese writing contest
Mar 3 girls' festival graduation ceremony
21 vernal equinox day
Apr 8 buddha's birthday festival enrolment ceremony
29 the midori-no-hi
May 3 constitution memorial day orientation for university admission
5 the boys' festival day
Jun term examination
Jul 7 the star festival speech contest
20 the umi-no-hi
Aug summer vacation
Sep 21 the respect-for-the- aged day moon viewing term examination
23 autumnal equinox day
Oct 12 the health sports day enrolment ceremony
Nov 3 culture day school Trip
15 festival day for children at age 3,5&7
23 labor thanksgiving day
Dec 23 emperor's birthday Term Examination

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